North By Northwest: A Solo Motorcycle Adventure from Georgia to Alaska (Day 21)

August 29, 2019

Day 21 – 7/18/19

My North By Northwest adventure was at the end. All I had left to do was drop off the bike at the shipper and get myself home (courtesy of Delta Airlines). Thursdays are running days for me, but one look outside and at my weather app told me I’d be stuck on the treadmill.

With the running in place completed, I geared up and had a quick and uneventful three-mile ride to the shipper (Classic Motion).

Krista inspected the bike for damage, we did some paperwork, and then I was heading back to the hotel in an Uber. The Alaska Aviation Museum looked like it had some interesting exhibits, so I contributed some more to Uber’s annual earnings and got a ride over there. The Museum is adjacent to Anchorage International Airport, as well as Lake Hood, which has floatplanes taking off and landing almost non-stop.

They also have a restoration shop for aircraft that visitors can wander through.

With my visit to the Museum complete, I figured Uber’s investors could use a little more of my money after their underwhelming IPO and got a ride back to the hotel. I had an overnight flight to Atlanta and then a connection to Jacksonville. As I write this entry, my bike has just arrived at the dealership and will go in for 6,000-mile interval service and new tires. Oh, and a new clutch lever.

Final Thoughts: With the exception of my GoPro Hero Black, all of my gear performed very well. I wish I’d had hot-weather gear for the first week, and if I do another trip crossing multiple climate zones, I’ll ensure that I have comfortable hot- and cold-weather gear. I don’t want to suffer through extremely hot and humid conditions in Gore-Tex again.

The bike was flawless and did everything I asked of it in a variety of challenging conditions. I was able to see most of the planned points of interest along the way. That said, one could easily spend six weeks doing this trip instead of squeezing it into three, and there were certainly times when I felt pressure to keep moving forward.

I got to discover and experience a lot of hidden and not-so-hidden history. Unfortunately, the witnesses to this history continue to fade away over time, and I believe all of us have an obligation to help carry their stories into the future. Even more important is the need to remember history’s lessons and the people who helped support, preserve, and defend our freedoms, particularly the people who weren’t permitted to enjoy those same freedoms. So, go out and take the big adventures you’ve been thinking about, and find ways for them to be more than just sightseeing. And when you get back, share your stories… and theirs.

Grand total mileage: 6,185